• Which Rug Cleaning Method Best Suits Your Needs?

    Surface Clean – Scrub Clean - Submerge Clean …

    How Would You Clean Your Rugs 

    If I were you, I’d always choose the ‘Submerge Clean’ method to clean rugs!

    Here lies the problem! Not all rugs can be ‘submerge cleaned’. Knowing which rugs can be ‘submerge cleaned’ and which ones have to be ‘surface cleaned’, should be left to the experts. Getting it wrong ruins your rug forever!

    What is the difference between ‘Surface Cleaning’ and ’Submerge Cleaning’?

    Surface Clean

    This method is adopted by most carpet cleaners who really don’t know how to thoroughly clean rugs! It is the same method used for cleaning fitted carpets, commonly known as ‘Hot Water Extraction’. The method involves applying a cleaning solution to the surface of the rug, which then breaks down the dirt and grease. A powerful vacuum is then used to extract the ‘slurry’ from the carpet.

    Submerge Clean

    This method should only be attempted by qualified technicians who know what they are doing! Step one is to remove any ‘dry soil’ not only from the surface, but also from the bottom of the pile where normal vacuuming cannot reach. After dry soil removal, the rug is then submerged in a specially designed flat bath containing the appropriate cleaning solution to solve the cleaning problem (urine contamination, general dirt, grease, food, drink etc). Knowing which solution to place the rug in is only a small problem compared to knowing which rugs can be submerge cleaned. The rug is submerged for up to 3 days (depending on the problem). The rug must then be thoroughly rinsed to remove all traces of cleaning solutions. The next problem is drying the soaking rug as quickly as possible, using specially designed drying environments. Again, only true rug cleaning masters know how to do this.

    The most popular method of cleaning rugs is the ‘scrub clean’ method – maybe because it’s half the price of ‘submerge cleaning?

    Scrub cleaning is a more thorough method than surface cleaning a rug, but not as thorough as submerge cleaning! Scrub cleaning a rug gets deeper into the pile than a surface clean. Scrub cleaning includes ‘dusting’ but not cleaning of the backing.

    ‘Dusting’ rugs removes 80% of the ‘dry soil’

    Have your rugs ‘dusted’ to remove the small particles trapped at the bottom of the pile. Small particles such as sand and grit, cut away at the pile causing your rug to wear down more quickly. Regular ‘dusting’ of rugs prolongs the ‘life’ of rugs.

    N.B. Household vacuum cleaners do not remove dry soil trapped in rugs.

    ‘Dye bleed test’ all rugs before cleaning

    A test for colour fastness of rugs must be performed to determine whether the colours are going to bleed. Should any rugs be ‘bleeders’ then, the rug must be pre treated to prevent colour migration during cleaning.

    Surface cleaning is a fantastic way to clean a rug, most dirt, grease etc sit on the surface of rugs and surface cleaning removes this. Because there is more dirt, dust etc sitting at the bottom of the pile, rugs cleaned the surface clean method, need cleaning more often!

    Submerge cleaning is the only way to thoroughly clean a rug but …

    Only certain rugs can be submerge cleaned (usually, the very highly priced quality rugs), some rug backings are prone to shrinkage, some rugs are bonded and submerge cleaning would destroy the bonding and the rug would fall apart. Knowing which cleaning method to use should be left to experts.

    South Wales’ only rug cleaning studio has opened

    If you have a rug that you want cleaned – thoroughly, and you don’t know if it can be ‘submerge cleaned’, call me – As a master fabric cleaner, I can guide you to the best method for cleaning. All rugs are now cleaned at the rug cleaning shop. Pick up and delivery of rugs is just £5 each way or, arrange drop off of your rugs at the shop.

  • Submerge Rug Cleaning

    Your rug is placed in the 'wash bath', immersed in the appropriate cleaning solution, agitated with soft brushes to remove soils, odours, bacteria etc, before being thoroughly rinsed to remove any cleaning solutions. The rug is then dried in a purpose built room with heaters and blowers before being groomed.

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  • Scrub Wash Rug Cleaning

    The scrub wash rug cleaning method is the most popular, the fibres of the rug are opened up allowing the cleaning solution to penetrate deep into the pile. This slurry is then removed using powerful yet gentle, 'wet pick up' techniques. The rug is thoroughly cleaned but, not as thoroughly as submerge cleaning.

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  • Surface Cleaning Rug

    Surface cleaning of rugs is exactly the same method as cleaning carpets. A cleaning solution is applied to the surface of the rug, this solution breaks down any grease and grime near the surface and the slurry is then extracted using the 'wet pick up' technique. This is the least thorough cleaning technique but, it will make your rug look clean.

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  • Hand Made Rug Cleaning Newport

  • Mr Jones is able to solve all your rug cleaning problems. Whether you have pet stains, colour run, spillages, water damage or any other, just ask.

    As an attendee of the fist ever rug cleaning school in the UK, Mr Jones has gained valuable knowledge about the many techniques of how to clean rugs properly.

    All types of rugs can be cleaned whether you have fine Persian or man made nylon. the most popular rugs being cleaned are Persian, Indian, Moroccan, Chinese, Kilim and bespoke. There are so many others that would take too long to mention.

    There are also rugs to avoid over wetting. You will be warned before cleaning of any problems that might result from cleaning.

    Did you know- 80% of the dirt in a rug is dry soil! This can be removed using the 'dusting' technique (vacuuming doesn't work!).

    You must decide which method of cleaning suits your needs as one is more thorough than the other but, also costs more

  • Surface cleaning rug V Submerge cleaning rug


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    Brilliant job with my rugs. Both hallway and living room rugs look fab (again) Definitely would recommend!


    Thanks Gavin, I'm glad you are pleased with the rug cleaning results and thank you for recommending Gemma!


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