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    Kilim rugs are normally made by weaving wool (usually hair from a camel, goat, sheep etc) through warps made of cotton.

    Knowing the make up of the fibres being cleaned will determine the best method and cleaning solutions to be used.

    Because the wool used is usually coloured using natural animal and plant dyes. Using the wrong cleaning solution, may cause the unstable dyes to bleed from one fibre to another.

    When removing stains from a kilim rug, care must be taken not to use alkaline solutions, such as those for cleaning carpets, they cause dyes to 'bleed' in a rug.

    When removing odours from a kilim rug, a slightly acidic sanitising solution should be used. I would never use detergents or household carpet de-odourisers, especially the ones that contain oxidising agents.

    It is important that all cleaning solutions, stain removers and sanitisers are thoroughly rinsed out of kilim rugs after cleaning. This ensures the fibres do not deteriorate in time.

    It is also beneficial to have fabric protection applied after cleaning. This prolongs the life of a kilim rug and help keep the rug clean. Fabric protection does not alter the appearance or feel of a kilim rug

    After cleaning, rinsing and applying fabric protection to your kilim rug, the rug is dried as quickly as possible, using heaters and blowers in a purpose built drying room - this should only take an hour or so.

  • Kilim Rug Cleaning

  • Submerge cleaning of rugs normally costs £3.00 per square foot

    You can now have kilim and flat weave rugs cleaned for just £1.50 per square foot

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    I can pick up and return your rug from anywhere in the Cardiff/ Newport area, for just £5.00 each way

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