• Carpet Cleaning for Pet Owners

  • Pet Stain And Odour Removal From Carpets

    5 Step Carpet Cleaning Process

    1. Use 'black light' to detect stained area - Urine stains fluoresce under a black light, showing you exactly where the stains are.
    2. Apply 'Urine Neutraliser' to stained area - for the best results, apply 'urine neutraliser' as soon as possible.
    3. Rinse stained area with cold water - removing as much moisture and staining as possible. Odour may still be present and needs ...
    4. Pet stain odour removal - apply sanitising solution to kill any bacteria, viruses, allergens and remove any remaining odours
    5. Use professional carpet cleaning - A final rinse to remove sanitising solution and a thorough clean of the carpet is all that's needed to complete the pet stain and odour removal process.
  • Are These Problems Familiar? ...

    • The stain is invisible but, the odour smells
    • You've tried a stain remover but, the odour remains
    • You used a carpet cleaner but, the carpet still smells
    • You worry about your health being affected
    • You worry about children crawling on the carpet
    • You are embarrassed when visitors call
    • Replacing the carpet is the only answer?
    • Your pet is elderly and prone to accidents
    • You cannot remove pet stain odours
  • They Aren't Problems Anymore

    • Detect pet stains using 'Black Light'
    • Break down urine dyes with urine neutraliser
    • Pull urine up from deep in the carpet with powerful machines
    • Sanitise carpets to kill bacteria, viruses, allergens and remove odours
    • Have professional carpet cleaning and enjoy healthy, fresh, clean carpets
  • Pet Stain Removal From A Rug

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