• Third off carpet cleaning and FREE protection

  • 1/3rd off carpet cleaning and FREE protection

    Claim 1/3rd off carpet cleaning with my 'area discount rate'. To qualify, your postcode must start with the letters NP. An average size living room carpet, normally costs £70 to clean, with the 'area discount rate', you pay only £45.

    Irresistible Offer - Free protection to tracking areas

    Contact me now to get free protection to all cleaned traffic areas. Tracking areas are those areas that you see when all the furniture is put back after cleaning, it's where your carpets get most wear and the likelihood of spillages occur.

    Warning - This offer must end soon

    Protection of an average size living room carpet normally costs £45. Whilst you can still see this page, the offer is still valid. Contact me now, before this offer ends, I can remove it at any time!

    Contacting is easy using the methods below- Quote your postcode to get 1/3rd off and ask for free protection.