• Sanitising of carpets normally costs £15 - £25 per room

    Sanitising pre treatment is free, when you have your carpets cleaned this May, 2016

    Ideal if you -

    • Want to 'freshen up' the carpets in your home (Sanitising leaves your carpets smelling spring fresh)
    • Have babies and toddlers and you want to protect their health (Sanitising kills the bacteria that cause coughs and runny noses in youngsters)
    • Have pets and you want to remove any odours from the carpets. (Sanitising removes odours and kills viruses in your carpets)

    Simply mention you want the spring offer of free sanitising, when you book to have your carpets cleaned this May.

    Don't forget, you're still entitled to claim your 'area discount'

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  • Don't forget, all customers also get :

    • Free lifetime supply of professional stain remover
    • Free stain removal guide
    • Don't pay unless you are 100% satisfied guarantee
    • Free overshoes
    • Free furniture protection tabs
    • Discount cheques
    • And much, much more